Creativity exists as the intersection of uncertainty, hope, and resolve.  People and the communities they dream about and yearn to create must undertake a process of engaged wrestling with order, disorder, and reorder, (Life, death, and resurrection).  Imagination is much more important than certainty. Cherub Consulting exists to offer wisdom for such wanderings without getting too lost in the process.

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Purpose via Pilgrimage
The journey of a 1,000 miles indeed begins with its first purposeful steps.  Cherub Consulting and Concepts listens to your understanding of your pilgrimage and offers you, your organization, or community a pathway for undertaking the journey. 

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Change vs. Transformation


Everybody and every community develops Immunity to Change. Cherub Consulting provides training and coaching to overcome untrue and incomplete assumptions while identifying competing priorities. We offer you a range of conversational methods to respond to technical and adaptive learning opportunities. 



Sacramental living is more than consecrated bread and wine. Outward expressions of inward grace manifest in many forms. Our altar in the world is offering you our skills in secular, secluded, & spiritual settings while serving God & you to achieve your goals.

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